A Benedictine nunnery was founded at Traunkirchen in about 1020. In 1327 nunnery and church burned down. After the nunnery was shut in 1571 the Benedictines of Kremsmünster took command.

In 1622 Emperor Ferdinand 2nd, by papal consent, conveyed the monastery to the Jesuits of Passau. Thus the monastery of Traunkirchen became resident of the Jesuits.

In 1632 another Eire destroyed monastery and church. The Jesuits built it up again and the church got its still admired Baroque interior. Since then the famous Corpus Christi procession has been held on the lake.

The baptismal font, two holy-water fonts by the main entrance (dated 1518) and St. Michael's chapel with the pretty little tower on the churchyard side still remain tram the former nunnery.

After the suppression of the order of the Jesuits in 1773 the monastery, the church and the forest became government property. Since then secular priests have been caring for the parish of Traunkirchen.


Fisherman's pulpit: Carved in 1753 by an unknown artist. It represents the Rich Catch and the mission St. Peter got tram Christ. A statue of St. Francis Xaver on the sound-board.

High altar (1754): The altar piece shows the Coronation of Maria. St. Paulus and St. Francis Regis on the fight, St. Peter and St. Francis Borgias on the left. Above them the four evangelists, three arch-angels on top. In the presbytery tour large Gobelins.

Right side-altar (1753), altar piece of St. Ignatius. Left side-altar of artificial marble (1740), altar piece of St. Johannes Nepomuk.

Crypt-chapel (1697) with image of St. Francis Xaver, statue of Mary Immaculate.

Small right side-altar with image of St. Aloisius and St. Stanislaus, Sacred Heart statue.

On the opposite side the Happy-Death-Altar with a statue of St. Joseph.

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